2005-10-14 15:04:18 ET

When is this freaking rain going to end?

2005-10-14 16:19:32 ET

sunday. just keep telling yourself "at least it's not snow"

friggin ocean effect

2005-10-15 09:52:18 ET

Ha, yeah i guess so.

I hate this weather :(

2005-10-15 10:35:08 ET


2005-10-15 11:48:06 ET

I know! The puddles like engulf the car, its horrible

2005-10-15 11:51:47 ET

nah not really. in fact driving through the rain is the closest thing to a carwash my car sees.

puddles don't bother me

<3 mah jeep

2005-10-15 12:42:36 ET

Yeah the rain sucks. Too bad I've been enjoying some excellent fall weather here in Chicago. =P

Low 70s, overcast at times, slightly windy. I picked a good time for a vacation from the weather reports I've been seeing on the news. Hehehe...

2005-10-15 12:54:32 ET

you dirty son of a bitch. you know what? the next time you do a trip I'm going with you cause all my plans SUCK and you always have a good time.

2005-10-15 13:01:25 ET

I'm coming too!

2005-10-15 13:10:03 ET

Yeah although my plans are rarely concrete and tend to change almost on an hourly basis while I'm on vacation, I always have a blast.
For instance, not only did I attend the KMFDM concert I came here to see, but since I'm staying longer I got to go see the Cervello Electronico/Terrorfakt/Mono No Aware/E-Kraft show last night. It rocked hugely. I was allowed to have my camera with me at this show (no such luck at KMFDM), so I have lots of pics.

Ypu two are welcome to come along with me on my next trip provided you can change plans on the fly and can stand my snoring. =P

2005-10-15 13:36:24 ET

Haha, I'm up for it. I think I can deal with a little snoring.

2005-10-15 14:41:58 ET

Hah well, you know i'm almost liquid in my adaptability =p

I snore to hahah

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