2005-11-21 13:30:31 ET

I have been ignoring SK recently :(

My birthdays tomorrow.

2005-11-21 13:36:06 ET

Same as mine! Happy Birthday (early)!!

2005-11-21 13:43:28 ET

You too!!!

2005-11-21 13:51:57 ET

What the hell?! It everyone's birthday this week!

Today was You Don't Know Jake and Numb. Tomorrow is Professor's, and Milk's birthday. I don't know about wednesday but thursday is mine. Sheesh!

Everybody got to lovin' in february/march.

Early happy birthday to the two of youse anyhow.

2005-11-21 16:35:33 ET

i used to find it odd to think how many b-days were right around this time. and then i realized that november is nine months after valentines day.

and Happy B-Day Eve, Sandinista!

2005-11-21 16:36:41 ET

Babies made outta love. :D

2005-11-21 23:37:48 ET

Happy Birthday!

2005-11-22 07:30:53 ET

Happy birthday!

2005-11-22 10:03:30 ET

Happy Berfday!

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