2005-12-15 03:12:57 ET

I'm in school right now. Yet another study. I skipped out on school yesterday and it ended up being one of the worst days of my life.

2005-12-15 07:16:12 ET

Then you obviously didn't do it right!

I jest. I'm sorry.

Anything you want to talk about?

2005-12-15 11:39:37 ET

My ex boyfriend came over. Told me everything I didnt want to hear. Told me he'd do whatever it took to end up with me. Forced himself on me. Tried to get me to have sex with him. Tried to get me to break up with my boyfriend.

I sure know how to pick 'em

2005-12-16 04:19:22 ET

Is the breakup with him still pretty fresh?

2005-12-16 05:01:40 ET

I broke up with him in March, so not really.

2005-12-16 07:02:39 ET

Huh. No, not really. That's rough. Restraining order?

2005-12-16 08:16:29 ET

Yeah, but that might be a little drastic. But he is starting to scare me a little bit.

2005-12-16 08:40:51 ET

Yes, it sounds really intense... maybe that is a little drastic, but you've gotta look out for yourself.

2005-12-22 23:22:36 ET

Ah ha!!! this was the only cool way to get your attention seeing how i cant grab my guitar and serenade you outside your window...or could i??? Any way I LOVE your profile and totally think that we should start being friends and stuff....um yeah...so Hi!

2005-12-23 09:35:24 ET

Ha you should serande me outside my window! That would be amazing.
& I agree we should start being friends.

2005-12-24 18:55:37 ET

it says here that you live in Massachusetts...i smell a road trip in the future!!...lol

2005-12-25 05:49:11 ET

You'd best come visit me in Mass!

2005-12-25 16:32:22 ET

Only if we become good friends...or you get me a cake for my B-day!

2005-12-26 07:20:13 ET

done deal!

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