2006-01-26 06:45:27 ET

I really don't go to school anymore.
I am single now
Oh boy

2006-01-26 07:00:50 ET

is it a bad single now, or a good single now?

and school is for suckers, anyway.

2006-01-26 10:35:11 ET

School is a pain.
being single sucks unless you live it up while you are.

2006-01-26 10:44:54 ET

Good single
I'm going to live it up
School is the worst

2006-01-26 11:06:27 ET

Thats good.

I don't intend on living up my singularity.

but have fun :)

2006-01-26 16:24:27 ET

i loved school, but i guess its probably alot different in australia.

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