2006-11-15 03:03:31 ET

I'm going to see Leftover Crack on Nov. 26th in Revere
My birthday is on the 22nd

2006-11-15 07:02:43 ET

They are so amazing live, I seen them at the magik stick in detroit. And citizen fish, I was right up front, I almost died it was so awesome.

2006-11-15 07:58:29 ET

i almost saw them once
i met stza and was so fucked outta my skull that i told him he was too short to be in leftover crack, he was gonna put us on the list nad i was all like 'i'll believe it when i see it'
i had never seen pics of them, real hobos dont own CD covers, geeze
but we were on the list
i never saw them play though
PCP is bad for you

2006-11-15 13:02:07 ET

Happy Early Birthday

2006-11-17 20:25:21 ET


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