End of summer! NOoOOOOoOOo
2008-09-01 14:11:38 ET

So, after waking up at 3pm, I begun to enjoy my last day of freedom ever by eating a shit load of cereal, and then went on to play some Video games. Dad left to go back to base as usual, and now I'm on MSN contemplating what to do on this last day.

Fuck I have school man. This year I'm gonna be taking like 4 math courses, all academic after the first one which is an upgrade credit. FUUUUCK.

Classes I am looking forward to will be computer programming, woodshop, gym, and photography, I think world history might be this year too, if so sick. So I think its 2 or 3 math classes...I lied okay, still, by the end of next year (yes i'm stuck in for another year while everyone graduates and it may fuck me over for getting a tour over seas in the sand box) but i'll have taken every single Academic University level math course, assuming I pass them all...

I need to upgrade at summer school to University level English too this summer which may fuck me over for my Platoon Support weapons course...fucking school. But I can't even go to any University with out that English so...fucking hell, I'm stuck.

Wish me luck bitches.

2008-09-04 22:01:15 ET

Cereal and Video games for the win.

2008-11-30 18:55:36 ET

Oh my, I didnít even know you were on this thing. Kind of like a ninja that breaks into your house at night, sneaks up on you, and then rapes you. Welcome aboard. Just donít actually break into my house and do all that. :p

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