Dum dum dum..
2008-10-11 18:34:18 ET

*Enter generic text for not blogging here*

So yeah, I went paintballing today. I have returned as a very angry person.

My gun died, my remote line has snapped, and one of my c02 tank's saftey valves burst. I want to huck it into a lake.

I'm gonna see how much it will cost to fix it, and then sell it. I've wanted an SP1 for a long time.

The thing is cheap, can be fired under water, and it crazy for mods.

But right now I want to huck my MR2 into a lake and punch a hole in my wall.

On another note, we had the student vote bullshit at school, I went conservative, but suck my dick if you dissagree, I don't feel like politics right now.

Also, 2 fire drills in 1 week, first one cause by fualty fire alarms. I was on my way back to school from taking pictures for photography, and the whole school was out side, with fire trucks n shit there. I lol'd and had a smoke, then was promptly told I would be fined $200 next time I smoked during a fire drill.

So yeah, next to that...umm, I have my BFT (battle fitness test) this week end which I may fail.

Consist of:
-13.6km ruck march carrying around 55-60 pound ruck sacks in 2 hours and 20 munites of less
-emmediatly fire man carrying a soldier of equal weight or size 100m (easy)
-and a simulated trench dig in under 6 munites

I can do everything cept for the ruck sometimes. I've been running and working hard in PT, but still a no go. If i'm in the middle, and I can we keep a steady pace, I can do it, but pull slinky bullshit and have me in the rear, good bye annual qualification and summer deployment.

I'll give it my all, I assure you that, even when I fall out I still try to catch up and do the whole route, no matter what.

So, turkey tomorrow, with crazy aunt who will def. fight with grandma as usual, cool.

I need a drink, but no one is available.

I'm going to bed, fuck this shit and fuck ranting.


2008-11-30 19:22:07 ET

Passed my BFT in the top 10 / of the 100+ troops there. That PT paid off. I'm fucking happy as hell.

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