Jump Coy
2008-12-10 17:18:05 ET

So in Toronto, theres this regiment called the Queens Own rifles. They have hwats called a jump company. Now in recent years, they've fucked up alot with beating recruits and killing that homeless guy in moss park. So because of this, their regiment is having a bunch of their jump tasking taken away and given to other regiments. Mine happens to be one of the lucky ones.

So basically, tomorrow night, we're running the PT test to see who is fit enough, then offer, the 22 positions to various people. I for one am determined to be on that list since I got screwed out of it last time.

This is my second chance to get my basic Jump Wings, and considcering we're 45 munites away from Trenton air base, where the CPC (Canadian Parachutist Company) is, i'll be able to get loads of jumps in the next few years.

They're also offering 12 staff positions there in the next year to help CPC run the school to increase para demands.

This is a sweet deal, and hopefully I will get it. The PT test is a breeze, but everyone seems to forget that its competetive.

Requirements are:
min-7chin ups
min-31sit ups
min-1.6km (1mile) run in 7 munites and 30 seconds


So far I got 17-20 chin ups, 100 sit ups, 1 mile run in about 6 munites and 20 seconds.

I'm gonna chug like 4 red bulls, dot he test, and fucking pray to the war gods to let me have this.

Wish me luck,


2009-01-04 14:09:02 ET

I passed in the top 2 for everything in my garrison, so after the 8th (we're doing it again), i'll know if I get it.

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