Thanks a lot America
2009-03-23 19:03:29 ET

Being a Canandian soldier, who may be eventualy deployed there in the near futurte, having lost 8 family friends, 1 who I worked who died recently in the Afghan conflict, I am extremely angered by the ignorance and pure idiocy that SOME Americans procure. I can't even describe the things I would have done to those people if was present.

Our military may not be huge, but nor is our population. More than 10% of Canadians have served. I personally, and my peers work extremely hard, risk our lives, and do the same dangerous job that Americna soldiers do. The host ignorance bewilders me. We have 30 degree celcius summers and -30 degree winters just where I live. We have police, and our RCMP wear red coats as a part of a dress unifrom for parades much as the NYPD does.

I can't ebelieve American's allow this kind of shit to be shown on television. It makes you all look like dumb asses, and perpetuates the styreo type that Americans are dumb ignorant fucks. I know this is not the case for the most part, but what the fuck man.

As a side note to Canadians, our miltary is literally going to break in 2010 with the Olympics, ROTO 210 for Afghanistn, and the G-8 summit. The liberals's dismantling of our military since 1996 set us up for failure. Too little too late.

I'm done ranting, and I need a drink. God damned Fox network.

2009-03-23 19:42:55 ET

wtf was that?

Even for fox news, that was horrid. It was like one of those retarded daytime talk shows.

sadly, even as an American, shows like that leave me with the bitter feeling that most Americans are dumb ignorant fucks

2009-03-23 20:04:19 ET

is the rcmp still as corrupt as the new orleans police?

2009-03-24 05:45:27 ET

reposted from ekim's entry:

Dude, the show is just a joke show. It's like a show that comes on at 3 in the morning and they make stupid jokes about crap happening.The dude who looks high out his mind(probably was) is a comedian guest appearing.

Taking that seriously is like turning on Saturday Night Live and taking it seriously.

2009-03-25 14:14:33 ET

There is a fine line between being funny and edgy, or being a complete jackass who offends people.

When Kramer said n***er on stage, that wasn't funny.

On top of that, I've explained why I took it a little more personally.

2009-03-25 14:52:32 ET

I'm not saying it's right all I'm saying is that sort of crap is something to just shrug off and not even sweat. Sort of like when people call American's ignorant war mongers. I'm not going to get up tight about that crap.

I think the scariest part of the whole thing is that someone was actually watching Fox News.

2009-03-25 15:04:43 ET

That is a scary thought. At 3 a.m. no less.

2009-03-28 07:56:35 ET

I think everyone on Fox is just on massive, mind-blowing quantities of coke.

2009-03-28 08:47:31 ET

Probably. I bet like off camera Fox News headquarters is just a huge party. They have Toga Thursdays and shit.

2009-03-28 08:56:56 ET

I picture it looking like an 80s movie bachelor party.

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