2009-07-27 18:18:53 ET

So I wanted to graduate high school instead of taking my Support Weapons course. Mistake: stuck here on a 2 and a half month security and general duties detail... this job sucks.

Been here since june 23, had 7 days off in total.

I got the luck of pulling the 12 hour night shift. I am now noctournal and bored out of my fucking skull.

Daily routine:

4:15pm - wake up, go to chow hall for supper
5:00pm - 6:45pm, get ready for work/ chain smoke/ drink tons of coffee
7:00pm - 7:00am - night shift at front gate or weapons compound
7:00am - 8:00am - chow hall for breakfast
8:00am - 4:15pm - Sleep

Days off = getting loaded until I pass out.

Rinse and repeat and that has been my entire summer. Hurray for graduating high school, fucking christ. Someone send me a hand gun with a bullet in it so I can shoot myself in the leg and get off on a medical.

Luckily I get my 3 days leave this week end, then another solid month before I return to my home unit and wait and see what other courses or contracts become available. Get to spend the next 3 years doing this shit saving up money and deciding if I want to go to university or go straight into the army as a career. Life is a bitch.

Wish me luck.

2009-07-28 01:22:54 ET

good luck

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