Of All the Songs to Have Stuck in My Head
2004-03-02 10:29:34 ET

You must be good
--The Slackers

"you must be good, so that you can sleep at night
you must be good, so that your mamma can hold you tight
and you must be good, or the devil come lick you
you must be good, dont let him trick you

oh every day, tempted by temptation
and every night by another situation
but you must be wise ,be wise and reckoginze
or the devil come pull you down in a girlish disguise

avarice and envy, lord these sins are deadly
greed and vanity, they hurt a good man plenty
but you must beware,and take care in your youthful insobriety
your cup may be full now but in the end it will be empty."

--Disclaimer: I was being lazy and didn't type these out myself, so if they're messed up somewhere, it's not totally my fault.

2004-03-02 10:32:37 ET

great song.
ps. welcome!

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