Thoughts for the day
2004-03-03 09:48:04 ET

It's funny how you can actually smell spring seep into a school building. The whole dynamic of the place actually changes and you can smell it in the air, physically.
Oh, and by the way, after laying in bed last night, staring at the darkened ceiling for hours I think I finally figured out the source of my nagging angst. I just don't know what to do about it . . .phneh.

2004-03-03 10:12:30 ET

it's funny how the "spring smell" changes everything. we opened up all the windows in my apartment and now everyone is just in such a good mood and everything is awesome. spring makes everyone happy. :)

2004-03-04 09:37:20 ET

You bet it does. Even the rain today can't bring me down!

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