holy . . .crud
2004-03-04 09:44:49 ET

So, I went to bed last night after having the delicious opportunity to see my wonderful boyfriend on a Wednesday! Get that, a WEDNESDAY! HA HA!!!! Well, anyway, I went to bed and had the mother of all nightmares and I swear that it lasted all night long. I actually woke up in a panic, crying. How wussy. After all, it was only a nightmare, but boy, was it real. I hope I don't have it again tonight!

"You only build me up to let me down."

2004-03-04 21:06:47 ET

I feel your pain...the exact same thing happened to me earlier today when I had a nap...f-ing sucks! Try concentrating on something in your dream...then it is easier to get out of...know what I mean??

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