Knock it the heck off already
2004-06-02 09:51:56 ET

There are some people who just don't get a subtle hint. What _does_ it take?

2004-06-02 12:13:55 ET

I don't follow.

2004-06-03 02:38:42 ET

not supposed to

2004-06-03 10:54:34 ET


2004-06-08 08:29:30 ET


2004-06-08 08:43:33 ET

Kneecapping is the solution!

2004-06-08 10:24:05 ET

kneecapping? What is kneecapping? Or do I even want to know?

2004-06-08 10:59:27 ET

its when you break someone knees with a large hard object or a bullet

2004-06-08 14:33:06 ET

ah...that's what I figured. Sounds enticing.

2004-06-09 06:37:48 ET

yeah. beat a subtle hint to death with a blunt object any day

2004-06-09 09:29:44 ET


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