I'm so mooey eyed it's sickening
2004-07-05 08:09:33 ET

Ya, so, I should really stay off the internet. Case held in point:


Here's my favorite (simply becuase of the last line).



I lay down last night with your image in my thoughts, and have awak'd this morning in the same contemplation. The pleasing transport ith which I'me delighted, has a sweetnesse in it attended with a train of ten thousand soft desires, anxieties, and cares.

The day arises on my hopes with new brightnesse; youth beauty and innocence are the charming objects that steal me from myself, and give me joys above the reach of ambition pride or glory. Believe me, Fair One, to throw myself at yr feet is giving myself the highest blisse I know of earth.

Oh hasten ye minutes! Bring on the happy morning wherein to be ever her's will make me look down on Thrones!

Dear Molly I am tenderly, passionately, faithfully thine,

Richard Steele

Sir Richard Steele, a Dublin-born English writer to Mary Scurlock in August, 1707. They were married shortly after the letter was written. He wrote her over 400 affectionate and often witty letters which she sold very profitably after his death."

And, I knew there was a reason, I liked Reagan...

"Aboard Air Force One
March 4 1983

Dear First Lady

I know tradition has it that on this morning I place cards Happy Anniversary cards on your breakfast tray. But things are somewhat mixed up. I substituted a gift & delivered it a few weeks ago.

Still this is the day, the day that marks 31 years of such happiness as comes to few men. I told you once that it was like an adolescent's dream of what marriage should be like. That hasn't changed.

You know I love the ranch but these last two days made it plain I only love it when you are there. Come to think of it that's true of every place & every time. When you aren't there I'm no place, just lost in time & space.

I more than love you, I'm not whole without you. You are life itself to me. When you are gone I'm waiting for you to return so I can start living again.

Happy Anniversary & thank you for 31 wonderful years.

I love you

Your Grateful Husband"

But the best is still...

"My Dearest P.,
I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for me . . .and my career.

Much Love, CM"

2004-07-05 08:37:52 ET

i started to read what you wrote but i didnt know what was going on so i stoped. being confused sucks. help?

2004-07-12 12:22:52 ET

I was just commenting on the fact that when I have time to play on the internet, I always find strange things like the letters I put up. I found them on another webpage and wanted to share them because among other things, I thought they were nice.

2004-07-12 13:43:11 ET

oooo ok that makes sense.. i can never find anything too cool. i just get on SK and stay for hours..so addicting.

2004-07-13 05:10:57 ET

there is alway that.

2004-07-13 11:39:32 ET

i think sk is taking over my mind though


2004-07-15 05:01:56 ET

oh no! **Runs away** They might be after me too!!

2004-07-15 10:49:12 ET

oh dont you worry ..it takes awhile but

YES they will have you! not soon but later? um.. haha

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