Good morning.
2004-09-02 01:59:35 ET

Perhaps it's just my tooth-rottingly sweet state of mind lately, but I heard these songs on the radio this morning and just had to sing along...At the top of my lungs, in the car, while supposed to be paying attention. I couldn't help it. They may me smile...They're so sticky-sweet romantic.

Angel Eyes - Jeff Healy Band
This Magic Moment - Lou Reed
Happy Together - The Turtles

These three songs, saw my way into the parking lot at 6:45AM...I love morning radio. Sets the mood, you know? Now, I love everybody for the day.

2004-09-02 02:07:38 ET

You have, by far, better morning radio music then we do.

2004-09-02 02:22:48 ET

hear hear!

or... here here!

(or is it "here hear"?
or "hear here"?)


2004-09-02 04:03:28 ET

I think it's supposed to be "here, here" as in "I agree with you here." But then again, you could be making a play on words with "hear, hear." So, the way I figure you're right either way.

Is this the first time in history where a man has been correct with whatever he does? *Gasp!*

2004-09-02 07:03:41 ET

lol....oh my! It just may be.

2004-09-02 11:15:33 ET

top 5 hated morning songs:

1) Hair - Early Morning Singing Song or whatever the fuck it's called
2) Boo Radleys - Wake Up Boo
3) Supergrass - Alright
4) Wannadies - You and Me Song
5) Other:_____________

2004-09-02 12:04:30 ET

you know, you could have just said, "I dunno"...

damn women.

2004-09-02 12:42:54 ET


2004-09-03 02:39:39 ET


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