2004-09-24 10:26:31 ET

It doesn't all rhyme (and sometimes the rhymes are terrible) and I lost the rhythm in some places. But I don't give a shit and neither should you.

PUnk ROck ANthem ~ by "me"

I know my best friend would understand,
if she were only here.
She would offer me a cigarette,
and pour me another beer.

I'm sure that a punk rock anthem
would ring clear through the night
while she held my hand
and kept watch through the long, hard night.

I know that she would empathize
when I try to explain the situation I'm in
she's been there and done that
and knows how everything can look so damn grim.

She would tell me that I need another coat of eyeliner
and my t-shirt isn't tight enough
She'd tell me not to walk away
but party while you're young.

She'd know that you can miss someone
even when you speak
and knowing someone's out there
isn't enough to mend the breach.

She'd know about the hefty sighs
and late night tears in bed
She'd know about all these things
even though they never left my head.

With one look she'd know
all the troubles and the trials
and she'd soothe the cracks upon my heart
with beer and smoke and smiles.


Southernmost ~ The Lucksmiths

"Weekends away:
These were the happiest days
Ill with the thrill of the chase
They’d take a train
Take off Friday for the coast
In summer they’d go southernmost
Where the sky was swimming-pool blue
And the swimming pool was too

And every single weekend
They’d dive in at the deep end
And come Monday morning
His skin still smelled like chlorine

Remember when forever seemed just fine?
Seen through glasses of rose coloured wine
They’d sit up all night talking
Now she’s sound asleep to the sound of his walkman

And every single weekend
The divide between them deepens
A curse across the kitchen
He might still be within spitting distance
But there’s only one way to find out...

Take heart
Take a train to the coast
Take heart
Take a train southernmost
Take heart"

2004-09-25 04:46:41 ET


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