2004-09-26 07:20:09 ET

I was reading back through some old, old archives and the following anecdote amused me, so I thought I'd share.

"The Cali-punk explosion which brought bands like Offspring to the fore has now been overtaken by a newfangled ska interest, with teens trading their fat pants for drainpipe trousers. But Green Day, who have just released a return-to-form LP called (characteristically, again) Nimrod, have stuck. And they'll probably stick for a while, because perfect two minute/three chord aggro-pop songs of dweeby self-deprecation and snotty puppy love will always have a place in the sun, no matter which way the winds of change are blowing."


Then came...

"Rancid were now a very bankable attraction for a band whose visual image had never strayed from bondage trousers and mohawks. They returned to the studio after touring in March 1995, with ... And Out Come The Wolves the result. Returning to a punk/ska sound reminiscent of Operation Ivy at their peak and the Clash by their third album, as ever, the lyrics were written from earthy personal experience. Once again, it was a major seller, featuring the two radio hits, "Time Bomb" and "Ruby Soho'. The ska theme continued on 1998"s Life Won't Wait, with two tracks recorded in Jamaica. The album featured a collaboration with Mighty Mighty Bosstones vocalist Dicky Barrett on "Cash, Culture And Violence".


And I asked myself, how the hell did I miss that? Was I in a coma? I thought I read the liner notes...Well, shit.

2004-09-28 02:59:38 ET

I didn't think you owned "Life Won't Wait."

coulda been wrong.

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