Cinderella said..."They can't stop me from dreaming..."
2005-03-02 09:26:29 ET

What do _you_ dreeam about?

I thought I was dreaming when I saw the picture, then I read the description. I think I'm in love. Now, how to get the money…..

"Unique - classic - stately - palatial - cannot fully describe this three story seven bedroom five plus bath home bordering a golf course. Exquisite crown molding - French doors - wrap around portico - Veranda with dramatic columns - Home features three fireplaces - Hardwood floors -Library - Den with bar - Formal living room and dining room - Two spiral staircases - Heated in-ground pool - Central air - Detached garage and storage with four bedroom, one bath guest house - All this on 2.95 acres with a spring fed pond - Beautifully landscaped - This is a most unique property. PRICE FOR THIS MINI ESTATE…$725,000."

I won't stop dreaming just because it makes you feel pressured. They're my dreams, dammit. Don't _you_ ever dream? Why won't you dream with me instead of shooting my dreams down all the time? Unless of course, you're afraid to dream?

2005-03-02 09:30:32 ET

725k for THAT!? where the hell is it?

2005-03-02 09:37:01 ET

I'm not telling unless you're going to buy it for me.

2005-03-02 09:38:58 ET

well I'll only buy it If i know where it is!

2005-03-02 09:43:14 ET

heee heee.

2005-03-02 09:44:27 ET

.... yes. location location location.

2005-03-02 11:59:30 ET

"Hated in-ground pool"

...god, I hate that in-ground pool.

2005-03-07 10:15:41 ET

There, I fixed the typos. Are you happy now?

I don't believe you anyway, SubSonik... I think you'll just buy it for yourself and then not share...are you trying to trick me?

2005-03-07 10:25:11 ET

hahahha no

I couldn't afford that i'm just curious cause a house like tht in my area would be 1.5-2.5mil easy.

2005-03-08 07:09:29 ET

Well, we're a fairly small city. Not too much going on's a bit less pricey. Where're you from?

2005-03-08 07:11:31 ET

I live in a south coastal suburb of Boston MA

2005-03-08 09:22:40 ET

Ah, well then that explains the cost difference. I live in a coal-cracker patch town. Cost of living = much less than where you are.

2005-03-08 09:28:01 ET


my town is a bunch of yuppies and wealthy retirees.

2005-03-08 09:42:38 ET

Ha! Honesty.

2005-03-08 10:09:44 ET


2005-03-09 04:31:42 ET

I like an honest person. Honest people are fun.

2005-03-09 04:34:50 ET

it gets me in trouble. sometimes honestly and tactlessness are one in the same =p

2005-03-09 10:49:41 ET

Diplomacy is for the birds. *shakes fist*

2005-03-09 11:00:04 ET


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