2005-03-17 02:38:18 ET

No one wants to dance with me? **sigh** Oh well. Your loss. I'm cute you know...(and humble too).

*Gets groove on all by her lonesome.*

2005-03-17 05:30:21 ET

*shakes what her momma gave her*

2005-03-17 09:19:59 ET

Ah, an understanding soul.

2005-03-21 12:06:51 ET

ill get jiggy w/ ya!

2005-03-22 04:46:03 ET


2005-03-22 09:23:37 ET

Thank you, DE. Thank you. I knows ya loves me.

2005-03-22 12:10:55 ET

point taken. i will keep my jiggyness to myself then. :'(

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