Morailty with Remo
2005-11-28 17:31:44 ET

MercyIsFalling03: ok, thanks for dropping a line
MercyIsFalling03: ttys
MercyIsFalling03: sweet dreams
MercyIsFalling03: and let me know how weddingness is going next time too

Jnny7jnny: weddingness is going....
Jnny7jnny: it's currently stalled

MercyIsFalling03: do you love him P?

Jnny7jnny: Excuse me?

MercyIsFalling03: do you love him? tell me, i want to hear it

Jnny7jnny: Is there a particular reason that you need confirmation or do you still just not believe?

MercyIsFalling03: i want to share your joy

Jnny7jnny: I see.
Jnny7jnny: Yes, Remo. I love him terribly and truly. He sends me over the moon...

MercyIsFalling03: great
MercyIsFalling03: because being married is like being naked all the time, naked without shame, knowing that eve isn't so bad, and that running around naked can be a good thing

Jnny7jnny: Sometimes I just don't understand you, Remo. But I know I like you....So it gets me through the confusing parts.

Jnny7jnny: What!?
Jnny7jnny: See what I mean?.....

MercyIsFalling03: it's all a metaphor for being vunerable
MercyIsFalling03: that shed any light?

Jnny7jnny: Ok.

MercyIsFalling03: it's a good thing
MercyIsFalling03: nothing to be afraid of

Jnny7jnny: no no there isn't.

MercyIsFalling03: because his humanity is a blessing from God, and in that creation is a dimension of spirit which for better or for worse forced you to be naked in front of him all the time, your hurts your fears all that's within and acknowledging that they're unconditional love with every glance

2005-11-28 19:55:28 ET

comfort in vulnerability
allow an open stage for expression

2005-11-29 14:15:57 ET

yeah, what the hell was he talking about?

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