So very very true
2006-01-06 03:13:53 ET

Borrowing this from futonrevolutionist, because she lets me, and I like it.

I Hope You're Unhappy - Farside

"I must have had a dream about you
Cause I woke up in the worst of moods
And when I looked at the clock my day was already ruined
I'm glad that you like your new place
And I hope your new job works out well
I'm getting used to my kitchen and sleeping by myself

And as we talk and reminisce
I barely mask how deeply I'm depressed
And though I can't complain
I think I just might
Cause it can't get much worse

And I hope that you're unhappy to be alone

I'm at my suit job everyday
And Farside's writing a new LP
And though I still hate school I've almost got my degree
I keep myself so busy now
Cause I don't want to be at home at all
Cause everytime that I'm there I'm crushed that you haven't called

And then I dwell and reminisce
About the time I bought the angel dress
That you wore for me
And the sun went down
And you swore you were mine

And I hope that you're unhappy to be alone
I don't want you to cry anymore than I cry, just at least as much

I know your children will be beautiful
But I don't ever want to know that they exist at all
So let's not talk and reminisce
Cause it won't clear the cobwebs in my chest
When I clench the phone and I grind my teeth
And I know that I'm alone

I hope, I hope you're miserable
And I hope that you're unhappy to be alone"

2006-01-06 08:19:44 ET

being miserable alone cast across an unchosen routine
independance can not hold on to it

2006-01-06 22:34:55 ET

This song seems more appropriate in some way...maybe it's the part about the ring! (If you listen to the song, these lyrics aren't's just a once through, but you get the point of the song!)

At The Drive In- Give It A Name
never thought this day would end
walked the tired steps of latter day friends
and all because
your stubbornnes was
smiling through your braces
never thought
this day would come
you threw the bricks
that built this wall
amantillado! at the top of your lungs
and i can't hear you anymore

so take your diamond bland shaped tears
and maybe i'll see you in twenty years
and i will always wear your ring
you know the one
that turned my finger green

it's not you, it's me
you don't know what
you've got 'til it's gone
silver platter opportunity
never taught what you thought you know

meal tickets have been refused
you gave me a reason
to sing our last song

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