2006-01-09 16:54:09 ET

Oh bugger. I may have just made a horrible mistake...

A horrible, horrible mistake.

I am so, so sorry.

Anger just seems to take over and remove all ability to reason anymore.

I think I'll cry myself to sleep tonight for being stupid.

The 9:30 Club ~ Me

So the outside world goes on.
No doubt you’ll dance at the 9:30 Club
Without me
No doubt all those little Christmas named girls who always wanted you
Will dance with you all through the long night.
I don’t like that idea at all.
Wish you would wait for me like you keep saying I should wait for you.
No doubt you’ll dance at the 9:30 club
Without me.
Spare a little thought for me that night
When you go dancing.
Spare a little wish that I was there.
Spare a little thought for your old flame.
Save your old dance-partner one little dance, when all the rest are gone.
Save her at least one little kiss, when you give the rest away.
Hold on a little longer…when you go dancing

2006-01-09 19:49:15 ET

Why, oh why, are you apologizing to him after everything he did to you?

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