Nonsensical sense from That 70's Show
2006-01-19 16:48:17 ET

From: Eric's Burger Job

Jackie: You know sometimes I'm beginning to think you're a real screw up. You see, one day, I want a house. And kids. And maybe a chandelier. And if you can't give me those things Michael, then this is all a big waste of time. You just, you gotta try harder... Wait, Michael, something feels wet.

Kelso, to himself: Dear Penthouse...

Jackie: No, no, you popped the waterbed!

Kelso: It must've been my roach clip. Jackie, maybe they won't notice.

Jackie: I am in love with a doofus.

From: Kiss of Death

Jackie: Donna, weíre supposed to be friends. Would it have killed you to say, I know you love him, but Michaelís a jerk?

Donna: Jackie, I think my exact words were, I know you love him, but Michaelís a jerk.

2006-01-19 17:58:13 ET


2006-01-20 05:08:18 ET

<3 That 70's Show!
Can't watch the new ones though. No Kelso? No Eric? Then I ain't watchin', dammit!

2006-01-20 06:04:04 ET

so it goes

2006-01-20 12:55:55 ET

Hah Hah! Seriously. I watch the reruns on the WB! The new ones _aren't_ as good.

2006-01-20 17:41:16 ET

I watch the reruns on the WB also. Its great!

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