Random Quotes...I'm into this suddenly
2006-01-20 14:31:10 ET

"Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience." ~ Anonymous

From: That 70's Show -

"I gotta win her back becuase I can't stop the tears, man!" ~ Kelso

"All men take all women for granted all the time." ~ Jackie

"Here's the thing...You're assuming that you're good enough for Donna and you're not." ~ Red

Sky High ~ Jigsaw

"Blown Round By The Wind
Thrown Down In a Spin

I Gave You Love
I Thought That We Had Made It To The Top
I Gave You All I Had To Give
Why Did It Have To Stop

You've Blown It All Sky High
By Telling Me a Lie
Without a Reason Why
You've Blown It All Sky High

You, You've Blown It All Sky High
Our Love Had Wings To Fly
We Could Have Touched The Sky
You've Blown It All Sky High

Up Round I've Flown
Then Down Down Like a Stone

I Gave You Love..."

2006-01-20 14:43:50 ET

I love the top quote

2006-01-20 14:54:08 ET

Me too.

2006-01-20 15:58:22 ET

the unfair advantage

2006-01-20 16:44:50 ET


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