2006-01-31 15:08:03 ET

It is your silence that slays you in the darkness of your deciet.
It is your silence that has choked the last life breaths from your hope.
It is you who have chosen silence.

2006-01-31 15:47:55 ET

apologies can work wonders

2006-01-31 17:36:34 ET

last life breaths...interesting combination of words. It's really neat

2006-01-31 17:55:16 ET

<3 this may sound strange
but sometimes silence is the most beautiful.

2006-02-01 03:07:15 ET

To MattHolck I say thank you for what I read as sarcasm, it is appropriate.

To CowboySoultaker I say thank you very much.

To RiotGirl: I get your drift. I really, really do.

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