Well, shit...
2006-02-11 18:34:44 ET

Well, THAT'S certainly new.
Someone else's spit is on my lip gloss.
Hasn't been this way in some time.
It's more than a little bizarre.
It's more than a little offsetting.
A bit discombobulating, a bit awkward
with all it's drippy newness and possibility.
A small bit sooner than expected
but not unworth a try.

**Also found and purchased two Harry Chapin records today! YAY!**

2006-02-11 21:48:29 ET

What did I tell you?? Creepy feelings.....

2006-02-12 15:45:15 ET

That's the best you can muster? I send you a big long email and that's that best you can muster? Thanks a lot.

2006-02-12 20:09:34 ET

I replied to your email too! This was before I read that...didn't you get it?

2006-02-13 07:53:14 ET

Seems you were too busy bawling over Ms. Dabartolo's latest creation! I'm so glad you liked it! I knew you would. That's some good literature!

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