Inner Monologue...
2006-02-27 17:08:03 ET

"Ok, Shiny, you've got this really nice guy hanging on the line; the same guy who lets you know he's thinking about you during the day and has the potential to actually inspire some sort of romanticism in you. You are able to talk to him. He's educated. He wants to continue that education which means he's smart. And you can talk to him like an equal. You have a lot in common. He's self-sufficient. There's every possibility that he may actually like you more than you like him. You don't think he's actually in this to hurt you do you? You're not going to let what Chris did to you jade you are you? You're not going to become some scared, embittered woman are you? You're so much better than that. There's every possibility that this man may actually treat you like you deserve to be treated. If it isn't all that you think it could potentially be it's not like you're not marrying him. You don't know if he can support you but who cares because you don't even know if it's going in that direction. All you know is that there's every indication that your life could be filled with flowers and silver linings again. If you would just give the guy a chance he might actually start to try to woo you. There's every reason to believe that he's the old-fashioned romantic you've been waiting for and you're sitting here trying to contact a ghost. You're sitting around trying to reach through the abyss and turn back time. Snap out of it, you silly girl. If he loved you at all he wouldn't be shutting you out. If one word he had uttered in the throughs of death had been true he'd be falling over himself to stop this from happening. Once a liar, always a liar. My suggestion to you: stop it. You're being ridiculous. Move it on."

I should listen to me.

2006-02-27 20:30:32 ET


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