2006-02-28 14:49:39 ET

Jamaica here I come! YAY!

**claps hands and capers about**

2006-02-28 15:51:46 ET

you gotta brush up on your skankin'!

2006-02-28 19:27:17 ET

oh you'll have a blast!!!
take lots of pictures
ps i love orange kitties.

2006-03-01 02:50:45 ET

Cowboy: Seriously. I can't wait!

Riotgirl: I will post pictures as soon as I can after I get back. I will be taking many.

Is it our "Bean" you are referring to when you say orange kitties? Poor thing died a few months ago. He was sooo old... :o(

2006-03-01 04:46:25 ET

taking me?

2006-03-01 10:06:59 ET

You're too grumpy! :oP We'd just fight! ;o)

2006-03-03 01:47:12 ET


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