2006-03-14 03:10:28 ET

I'm beginning to think that I'd rather not talk about the trauma.
If we don't acknowledge it maybe it will go away.
Let's just talk like old friends.
Maybe go dancing.
Maybe see a movie.
Better yet, let's be entirely swallowed up by denile.
Let's pretend it never happened.
The fire never occured.
Take a card from the best of psychos and block it entirely from our minds.
Maybe let's not even talk. We've done far too much of that already.
Let's just sit in the silence.
Better yet, let's just get in the car and drive until we fall into the Californian ocean.
We won't wave goodbye to the hills and mountains until we're too far to be stopped.
The west coast sun is waiting to devour us and the Pacific breezes are whispering their siren song.
Forget this.
Forget this miserable east coast existence.

2006-03-14 04:20:00 ET

The sky is blue this morning

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