2006-03-27 18:10:08 ET

I Have Loved Him ~ 9-27-99

I have loved him.
I have loved him in ways that are unimaginable.
I have held his head to my breast and cradled it there.
Never speaking a word.
The beat of my heart soothing his every pain.
I have touched his face in the softest way
and stroked the skin there.
Healing him.
Loving him.
I have held him in my heart.
I have held in my soul.
“The prayers I say at night,
are for him.”
“The color of my eyes
belongs to him.”
My very heart is full of his essence.
I would pull down the moon and stars
if he asked for them.
I would hand over the sun
and never let it burn him.
I have kissed him,
soft and full.
I have kissed away his pains
and kissed away his sorrows.
I have seen the joy
that lies deep within his eyes.
I have seen the scars
etched across his heart.
I have seen his very soul,
bared to me,
open and honest.
I have seen his heart,
there in his hands,
“bleeding before me”,
as he offered it to me
in a silent penance.
For the pain
he has caused my heart.
For the worry
he has caused my soul.
All this I have known
in a darkened room,
on a stormy night.
When the candles burned bright
and the wind hammered the windows,
and I was alone.

2006-03-27 23:22:16 ET

I gld you posted these

I'm like a crumpled note tumbling in the wind
hardly human to answer

2006-03-28 03:06:54 ET

I'm glad you are glad. It's nice when someone else can connect with my poetry.

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