2006-04-11 16:44:30 ET

A repost. Because I promised someone I would. Enjoy.

At the museum
2005-02-25 09:48:15 ET

At the museum of all things rare and beautiful,
Behind the viewing glass,
glinting inside the scintillation of compressed anthracite,
winking its sleepy eye; mocking relentlessly,
crouches a dream; woken from polarization.
The shine and circle: a force as gravity
Winking in the facets: a home, fidelity, a child.
Honest, hard work, true monogamy and a pretty white picketed fence.
Mayberry never saw it so good.
One facet winks strength and another values.
A particulary stubborn angle projects religion, morals:
A patriarchal family grounded in the faith.
Held as Plato's ideal behind the viewing glass
A reminder of what used to be
Standing with face pressed to glass
staring into facets and blinding light
Diving into the carbon fills an empty place
A woken dream relfected in my eyes; motionless on its velvet pedestal
A contemplative hope for the future.

2006-04-11 23:22:55 ET

don't believe in the patriarchal
no reason

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