spring in the city
2006-04-15 09:12:12 ET

Spring besets my city
There was a time when
you loved this place as well as I
There was a time when you too
appreciated the dirty charm and
cracked smiling streets
You began to love it because it was part of me.
You felt in my veins
the cold black diamond dust
and you loved it too.
Is it only you who can also appreciate
the beauty in the sound of passing trailors?
The long whistles of my trians are hollow now.
We once kicked up dust here
in the parking lots we dreamed of a future
Spring besets my city
but you are still gone.
New breezes offer respite from the winter's gales.
But the leaves bloom in silence
Spring with all its promise
bites as hard as winter.

2006-04-15 10:12:30 ET


2006-04-17 16:41:41 ET


2006-04-18 08:34:08 ET

If you are commenting on the poem, then I thank you.
If you are commenting on the picture, then I agree with you.


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