Can't help myself
2006-06-14 17:47:41 ET

Pardon this poetic posting...I can't help myself. It's self-expression I guess.

Untitled #1

You fall from my memory;
as a star from the perling of mother sky.
You burn in the atmosphere of time.
You are but a moment,
a flash,
captured amid one million flickering lights
reflected in my eyes.
Never to be forgotten,
but gone just the same.

Untitled #2

Memories of what once was
and never will be
drip from my body
as wax.
They cover me and change me.
No longer the straight and unburned candle
I am melted, manipulated and formed,
though still burning.
The memories that slide from my skin
collect in pools at my feet
and make me who I am.

2006-06-14 18:23:17 ET

I like these

2006-06-18 17:10:40 ET

Hey! Wow... Thanks. :o)

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