How rude!
2006-06-21 15:43:57 ET

Ok, so MONTHS ago I found a picture online of "Hello Kitty rudegirl". I thought she was just too cute all in her little fedora and 2tone bow...Of course I didn't save the picture I only printed it and pasted it to my CD case. Now that I want to blow it up and stick it to a t-shirt do you think I can find it on the internet? Of course not! An hour of searching google images and I've come up with nothing. How aggravating. :o(

2006-06-21 18:59:32 ET

sad day! if you ever find it again, I want to see it!

2006-06-22 14:20:39 ET

She was so cute! I have a copy, like I said that is glued to my CD case. Maybe I can scan the case?... hrm...

2006-06-22 18:36:51 ET

that might work, at least its worth a shot.

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