2006-06-27 09:22:47 ET

I can not get these lyrics out of my head...For TWO WEEKS ALREADY! Enough is enough!
I turn to you, my cyberfriends, for I think only you can help me!

Where have I heard these ska lyrics before?! What is the name of the song?!

They go something like this...

"I may walk through the valley of the shadow
and I walk through the violence (?) in the ghetto.

keep on going down the open road
sprits will carry you wherever you go

there's one thing that I will always know
spirits will follow you wherever you go

spirits will carry you straight until the day that they bury you
and everywhere that you go and everywhere that you've gone
spirits be there to carry you on."

Then there's a bit about "you're only lost" something something.

2006-06-27 11:50:05 ET

tried hard to google it but none of the lyrics are exact matches.

2006-06-27 15:02:51 ET

I know. I tried to google it too. I'm sure the words aren't 100% correct but they're darn close! Thanks for trying though...Maybe someone else can help? :o(

2006-06-27 18:44:05 ET


2006-06-27 19:16:24 ET

since they're ska lyrics they'll be really tough to find, your best bet is posting in a ska community or asking SKers who are into ska (rudeboy? Is he still around?)

2006-06-28 06:36:29 ET

Rudeboy would definitely know the answer (I have no doubts, as I know that I heard the song for the first time in his car!) but he is currently unavailable. I know where to find him if I need him but really I think he just wants to be left alone for a while.

I actually tried posting in DCska. That was a bust (which surprised me). Do you know of any other places?

2006-06-28 06:57:13 ET

nah, I'm not big on ska, sorry :-(

what happened?

2006-06-28 07:20:11 ET

If you're asking what happened to rudeboy, it's a very touchy situation. He's fine (not physically hurt or anything) but it's a very private matter. I don't mean to shut you out, but it's really not my place to tell his story. Suffice it to (cryptically) say he had to leave in order to come back. I miss him terribly but he'll be around when he's ready. It's good to hear that people are concerned. Your good thoughts and well-wishing would surely be appreciated. I will pass them on to him.

2006-06-28 11:33:37 ET

Thats what I figured, no problem. Yeah, just let 'im know I was thinkin' about him!

2006-06-29 05:55:37 ET

No prob. consider it done.

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