Another birthday
2007-04-03 17:00:51 ET

Clearly...judging by the amount of time that has gone by since I've last been here...I'm losing my subkulture edge.

This frightens me...

Does this mean I am getting old?

2007-07-08 03:36:43 ET

Frighteningly, yes! Isn't it strange?

Just last night I was writing a post and suddenly realized that when I first joined, if I had read that very same post I would have most certainly thought of the author as 'old'.


2007-08-07 17:54:59 ET


As you can see, I've just logged back on for the first time since this last post... Oh God, I AM old. **sigh** I'm glad you answered me. I was beginning to feel old and worse yet...alone in cyberspace! Thanks for the smile.

2007-08-08 09:52:15 ET

Everyone is alone in cyberspace. Nearly every interaction we have in this electronic world, we are only deluding ourself that it is meaningful in an effort to convince ourselves of a blooming social garden that we're frolicking in. Of course, it's not so bad on here... well, sometimes. But if one were to convince themselves that they were drawing anything with more constitution than low-grade tap water from, say, myspace...

However, the impersonal nature of the internet also provides the boon of people feeling less inhibited and thus able to dispense a self-condemning discourse such as this.

I wonder if the bifurcation of growing old into the withering of our physical shells and the slow yet inexorable decay of our dreams and mental faculties is comparable to such?

Yay! Don't take this too seriously.

2007-08-15 10:47:01 ET

I couldn't even if I wanted to. It would make me cry. But it was very well written. Kudos for that!

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