Blue II
2006-11-28 11:12:34 ET

You know -- I'm going to get a little kitten when I get out of the Army, and finally settled into my own place. It will be a black kitten. It will have sleek hair (not fluffy), and will be a male.

His name shall be: Blue the Second.

...I miss my old cat. He was one of the few cats that the good majority of the time when you called him -- he'd come to you. Even when he was dying and spent minutes trying to get up to his little perch -- when I walked in, he'd slowly get up, and make his way over too me...though too weak to jump atop the couch. And he'd still try to rub up against me and attempt to purr. But...his sickness always had him drooling and it just...was bad.

My parents waited for me to get home to college so I could see him, and make the decision to put him to sleep... I still remember seeing him looking outside the cage of the truck that took him away.

I truly loved that cat.

2006-11-28 11:16:17 ET

the moral of the story is that men in iraq often pass the time by day dreaming about past and future pussy.

2006-11-28 11:22:38 ET


And not just that...

This past week, we were at one of the bases in the city -- and there was a K-9 unit Marine there with his dog. He allowed me to pet it! That alone made my week. If I had known that I could have picked a job that allowed me to walk around with a dog -- I would have picked it. Cause if I were able to come back into my room after some BS mission and had a dog there -- life would be so much better. And the deployment would be a lot more tolerable.

But -- alas -- I don't.

And I have to day dream about buying a pussy. :(

2006-11-28 15:23:46 ET

K-9 handlers have it good actually. their dog literally does their work.

however, in army and air force at least (and therefor i assume marines as well) you'd have to have gone MP first and then applied for it after doing your time as a peon.

2006-11-28 16:25:41 ET

i loved seeing all the k9s at the airport when i worked there. i knew/know the dogs names better than the officers.
so the litterbox spawns dreams of future pussy at the house.

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