And another one falls...
2006-12-20 06:56:22 ET

Well -- we lost another. A friend.

Pressure plate IED. He was the driver of the tank.

He used to hang out in my room a lot while we were in Germany. He loved to work out -- he was actually quite large/built. Further driving me away from the gym to gain muscle mass. But -- for him, he enjoyed it -- so he always had a fun time at the gym. He was a trip. And quite humorous/fun to be around. Him and my old roommate would provide hours of laughter as they fought over each others supplements.

Bush is an idiot. McCain is an idiot. Lieberman is an idiot.

Both McCain and Lieberman (among other senators) were here last week. Dicks. When they passed by, a friend tried to say hello to Lieberman and all he responded with was a quick "hey" -- I felt like royalty were walking among the peasants. I hate the catering to the rich and powerful. And McCain -- I believe my grandpa that passed away at 80some years old could walk better than that man. And, I can assure you that make-up does him wonders on tv. That man is looks extremely old, and can hardly walk.

Anyways -- yeah. This shit sucks.

2006-12-20 08:08:35 ET

hopefully the tide will turn sooner rather than later.

2006-12-20 11:24:42 ET

This -- I do not foresee.

2006-12-20 16:36:46 ET

fuck man. just keep your ass safe until you can come home.

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