2006-12-26 13:15:10 ET

You ever get this feeling?

You really want to say something, and you have a lot to say -- but you just can't find the desire to type it out? Or, exactly how to word it? I feel like I'm on the edge of something -- but I don't exactly know what.

135 days left in the Army. Hopefully, only 5 more weeks left in Iraq. I hate the rain. I hate the snow. But, I prefer the snow over mud caused by the rain. I hate the mud. I hate weather below 60 degrees F. I like the heat. I believe I'm going to most likely be a desert rat for the rest of my life.

I've been debating what kind of bed I'm going to put into my own place. I thought first about just tossing a futon upon the floor...but the thought of mice and whatnot crawling on me wasn't too appealing. So, I think I'm going to build a basic platform and toss the futon upon it. I might build a little storage place at the front of it -- but high enough so I can lean up against the wall with a pillow to read and whatnot. None of which should be that hard. I know my parents will give me crap about not getting a "real" bed with springs and all that, but I don't really want that. Perhaps years down the line I might have wished otherwise though...

The base will be made out of wood, and will probably put something on the sides (to not make it look like painted wood), and then paint it flat black. Or -- a color that will go with the colors of the room. I don't think I can stand a room being black...I am quite prone to depression, and even though black is among my favorite colors -- its just asking for the darkness to swallow me.

Yeah -- I've spent about two days deciding what kind of bed I want. About a year or so back I wanted a suspended bed -- that had wires and springs holding it up. I've opted against this as of recently. Though, I did see in some magazine of a magnetic bed, that is held "down" (but more like, held from flipping over and crushing you) to the ground by wires. Costed a ton, and the simple fear of one night one of the wires breaking and sending me on the little lesson in science that opposites attract. I don't make it a nightly habit to defy nature when I goto sleep.

Anyways -- this wandered. Not exactly what I wanted to say, but then again -- I didn't exactly know what that was. The bed though -- that's been on my mind a lot today...

Stay safe all.

2006-12-27 11:50:58 ET

you should sleep on a pile of stolen gold, like a dragon.

2006-12-27 12:44:38 ET

Hmm...know anyone with a horde of gold?

I got some silver...

2006-12-27 14:12:37 ET

i think they used to keep some at ft. knox. just fly in there breathing fire and demanding their gold in exchange for their lives. i can't possibly imagine there being any trouble at all.

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