What I did for new years.
2006-12-31 12:13:31 ET

I sat at my computer. Even played a few missions of War Craft II. Yeah -- I went old school for the new year. Five minutes before midnight I went out to the "Tiki Bar" here so I could "be around people" and claim that I did something. It sucked. I just stood there -- smoking -- which gave me an excuse to just stand there. As soon as I was done -- I went back into my room, and put a movie in. Only watched about 30 minutes of it...and now I'm tired.

Yay for New Years in Iraq.

This was probably the worst new years I've had. Christmas didn't exactly feel like Christmas either.

Meh. I should goto bed.

You all be good -- and hope you had a better New Years than I. Which -- shouldn't be that hard really.

Stay safe,

2007-01-02 15:09:47 ET

take care. i'll enjoy some xtra arizona for you.

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