I need...
2007-01-03 12:51:19 ET

a cat -- now.


2007-01-03 13:22:02 ET

where do you live? i have about thirty, you can have your pick of the bunch!

2007-01-03 15:38:52 ET

I take care of six, though only two are really mine. I love cats!

2007-01-03 23:20:42 ET

Actually J00ley -- it was the pictures of your cats, mainly the black one that reminded me how much I need a cat. I love cats too -- my last one (that sadly had to be put to sleep due to a disease he got while I was at college) was an all black cat...named Blue.

2007-01-04 19:08:51 ET

isn't that just the story of the deployed man: to sit around and dream of puss.

2007-01-05 07:27:02 ET

I knew it'd only be a matter of time before mentioning a cat and women would be mixed.

Right now -- I'd rather have my own cat, rather than a woman.

2007-01-05 15:29:18 ET

i had adopted a stray kitten when i was in samarra, actually.
i called him macavity.

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