I am back -- and connected.
2007-03-02 01:46:43 ET

So -- I'm back in Germany. I'll refrain from telling you all how long I've been back though. However, I haven't been on the internet but once for 5 minutes during my time back. That has changed.

I have the internet once again. And sooooo much faster than the crap I had in Iraq. I hear the soft whispers of WoW calling me...I'm debating if I should ignore them or answer them...hmmm.

Hope you all have been doing good. For me -- its been quite a bit of Jager/Red Bull...and wine.


2007-03-02 07:04:56 ET

eve online. plz.

2007-03-02 13:28:00 ET


dooo it. it's like tradewars and WoW all put together.

2007-03-03 15:02:49 ET

wine = teh sux

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