2007-03-15 20:03:03 ET

Depression is always right around the corner.

I seriously don't know if I'll ever conquer the bastard.

...and to the other part -- I feel that he's always right behind the door.

Regardless of my life's situations for the past 10 years depression has always been there.

Meh -- if this were a few years back, I'd have written 10 poems about it. Now, I prefer just to sleep it off.

Great cure...

2007-03-16 08:06:28 ET

i dont write poetry anymore either

2007-03-16 17:26:54 ET

I partly blame the Army.

It made me stupider...

2007-03-21 10:21:38 ET

stoopidier frum army?

2007-03-22 19:35:32 ET


2007-03-23 02:14:41 ET

it really does...they teach you to act without thinking. you shut off part of your brain to be a dumb private who can handle marching orders and the like. in a way it's a bit like hypnotism as they call out a command and you're supposed to naturally react on the subconscious level. (note: it's not uncommon to end up with people sleeping in formation and/or while marching)

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