At the very least...
2007-04-14 18:55:15 ET

The Army has taught me how to deal with drunks.

As to my drinking -- I doubt I'll hardly drink when I get out of the Army (I rarely get drunk when I go on leave). I've done it so much now that I could care less for it. When I first got to Germany 3 1/2 (I was 20 then) years ago I used to mainly do shots -- now (23 now), I can't stand the things.

Half the time anymore I'm dragged out to the bars to drink with friends. Which annoys me -- because I prefer to drink at bars by myself or with people that can handle themselves. Alcohol doesn't affect me nearly as bad as it affects a lot of other people. I can drink from 6pm to 6am and still walk straight (ok, thats if I'm drinking Jager+red bull, and thats roughly the only thing I drink). My role then ends up taking care of the people who can't handle their alcohol.

Meh -- I wish there was more to do during your average weekend in Germany than go out and drink. Its seriously turned into a damn chore. Yet, I refuse to just sit on my couch in the barracks wanting to beat my head into a wall because of one of my roommates.

This post is somewhat random...

2007-04-14 19:00:18 ET


2007-04-14 19:07:22 ET

captain morgan's tattoo > jager

2007-04-15 06:26:18 ET

I have a good friend who has been in Germany for close to 5 years now. But, he does have his two kiddos by himself...still he seems to find plenty to do.

2007-04-15 06:31:15 ET

I can't stand any Captain Morgan. Actually, I dislike rum. I hate whiskey. And I abhor Tequila and Vodka. And apart from a few select beers -- mainly Irish and German -- I don't like beer.

Ok -- single life w/o children. Apart from traveling -- there isn't much to do on the weekends. But -- true, you can always find things to take up the time. My main one being World of Warcraft.

2007-04-15 06:53:04 ET

that's just silly, everybody knows that rum is as high above jager as brownies are above cupcakes!

2007-04-15 07:33:54 ET

I guess that is true. He tends to hang out with his buddies and jam out on the gittin-tar.

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