2007-04-21 21:04:33 ET

I'm tired of fucking alcohol.

I hate the shit.

Yet -- I still drink it.

I hate drunk guys.

I hate drunk girls.

Their idiocy astounds me.

And, alas -- I type this message drunk.

I really don't think I'm gonna drink nearly as much as I do in the Army when I get out of the Army in 18 days.

2007-04-21 21:12:38 ET


2007-04-22 09:49:58 ET

i know what ya mean. i agreed to goto a bar on my last night in ohio...ended up spending the last two or three hours trying to explain that being in a bar where i'm married, not looking to hook up, no longer playing pool or darts or anything and unable to socialize much because i can't hear with all the backround music (my hearing isn't so hot anymore), is just old and boring. i finally ended up walking home so i could finish packing in time to catch my plane.

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