Why the fuck.
2007-11-21 12:31:48 ET

For girls -- I just seem to be an escape from their bullshit relationships/situations. Mainly because for some reason people are too fucking weak to make changes to their lives.

Tho -- I guess in the end, I'm at blame myself. I let it all happen, and then get slightly upset when they make the decisions I know they're going to make.

Regardless, I grow to hate the human race at an ever accelerating rate.

2007-11-21 16:12:56 ET

yeah fuck those hoo mans

so long as i'm still cool.

2007-11-21 16:54:34 ET

Yeah, fuck them.

2007-11-22 21:00:40 ET

people suck.

2008-03-26 12:41:57 ET

and you suck.

you slackernopostingdorkface

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