2005-01-10 10:14:08 ET

Just gave my cat a jelly baby. He took it, walked away, and spat it out!!! Ungreatful furry little bastard. Now I'm getting that 20 yard cat stare down tactic......

2005-01-10 10:16:10 ET

Ooo ... you have grey eyes ....

i have grey/green eyes. nifyt. i don't know many grey eyed people.

2005-01-10 10:19:31 ET

Pssssttt.....Happy belated B-day:)

When I am calm they are medium grey.When I am pissed they go a real dark,almost gunmetal grey.Green/grey,you say you have!Excellent combo(*wink).I once had a friend, she had violet coloured eyes, but then again she was part albino too:P

2005-01-10 10:24:00 ET

Thanks =)

My half-brother is albino ... he has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen. It's an unusual blue.

And yeah, they're grey/green. When I'm calm, they're a a grey with a green tint to them and when I'm really excited, they're a brighter green and darker grey and when I'm pissed off they get a really light grey with very little green.

2005-01-10 10:39:00 ET

i have grey eyes w/ bits o' blue

2005-01-10 10:41:52 ET

grey w/ bits o'blue ... oooo that sounds neat too.

2005-01-10 12:30:05 ET

Cat's are the best.

2005-01-10 12:31:58 ET

cat's eyes or cat a person who has the best eyes?

my kitten has orange eyes with a green rim. the inner circle is this pretty emerald green and the outside is all orange

2005-01-10 12:32:36 ET

duh ... i just realized you meant cats in general. forgive ... school fried my brain today.

2005-01-10 12:34:49 ET

oh, I've SO had those days.

2005-01-10 13:34:31 ET

My brain rarly fries, I just brainfart on occasion. Or my train of thought somehow derails!Yup! Seen many of those days myself. Today is one for me...* gets coffee....

2005-01-10 15:13:17 ET

shite i haven't even had any coffee yet.

damn ... maybe i need coffee

2005-01-10 18:07:23 ET

wtf is a jelly baby, if i might so inquire?

2005-01-10 18:11:55 ET

They are little candies in the shape of children from the Uk, almost like sourpatch kids.

2005-01-10 18:26:40 ET

i don't blame him, then. everyone knows kitties like licorice.

2005-01-11 01:48:31 ET

sourpatch kids rawk.

2005-01-11 02:33:28 ET

li hing mui sourpatch kids are next to godliness, ie, me!

wow, if only certain bodily fluids tasted like li hing mui! i never htought of that before . . .

2005-01-11 02:33:49 ET

oh, and i have orange eyes. :p

2005-01-11 04:39:15 ET

Orange huh?Hmmm... at least it's not pink, with little yellow duckies! That would be a trip:P

2005-01-11 10:00:22 ET

your cat has good taste. i can't stand em either. :P

2005-01-11 14:28:56 ET

i have poo-brown eyes :(
i like licking the coating of sourpatch kids. a bag this way + orange juice = death

2005-01-11 14:35:57 ET

I like eating gummi worms, taking them out of my mouth, and throwing them at the movie screen, and watch them slink down.That and taking gobstoppers(*sit at back of theatre.),and dropping them, and hear them clink and clank,as they hit the metal frames of the patrons seats:)

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