2005-01-11 04:42:10 ET

No calls for a ride today!Yeah! Makes one feel like a plague bearer or something. Or at the minimum, like a leper!More phone calls today.

2005-01-11 10:17:12 ET

Well, see I'd offer to give you a ride but you'd be hugely late. and in the wrong state.

2005-01-11 12:57:16 ET

Yeah! Finally got a call today. Someone on our crew, lives up the road.I have to meet them early at the gas station, tools and all! But at least I will be getting to work.

2005-01-11 13:22:50 ET

yay for work!!!!

2005-01-11 14:38:38 ET

Yay for chaos. Work + my crew + my boss who is a tool =organized chaos:P

2005-01-11 15:43:37 ET

sweet ... i wanna see the organize chaos ... plus men doing manual labor *drools heavily* damn ... i think need to go change my undies with that thought

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