2005-01-15 18:04:33 ET

Gage and I were talking about all the shit, my ex had left when she moved back to Virginia. Boxes of clothing, vinyl, a metric butt load of shoes and boots, 3/4 of a wall full of cd's, etc etc. I tried very hard this time, to be aimable, and look at things in a different perspective. Tried like hell to be accomodating and nice(ask gage about that one too). But it's getting more and more tempting to deep-six all her shit, to recover some of the money for bills and stuff . I'll give it a few more days, then go ahead, and decide what to do!

2005-01-15 18:13:48 ET

well, how long has it been?

after all, with some breakups, it's hard to deal with returning their stuff/getting yours back right away.

then again, if this is the psycho-hose beast i think i may have heard about, craigslidt that shit. any cute shoes?

2005-01-15 18:28:24 ET

what size shoes? hehe, I'll fight angel for them lol

2005-01-15 18:54:16 ET

This is the one, that thinks she is as cute as a squirrel. And caused me great financial difficulties, amongest other things.She left about 2 months ago, said she would contact me to retrieve her stuff, and has failed too.

2005-01-15 18:59:09 ET

What size shoes indeed?

2005-01-15 18:59:33 ET

sell it! 2 months is plenty of time for her to contact you...

2005-01-15 18:59:45 ET

*agrees with Jolie*

Sell it.

2005-01-15 19:21:57 ET

That's what I was thinking! if that's the case. My cd collection went from 1200 to 4000..*grins

2005-01-15 19:23:40 ET

Shoe sizes Winter are 8 1/2...Though something tells me that these items may have some bad mojo about them!

2005-01-15 19:26:49 ET

Score on the CD collection.. poop to the shoe size. *sigh*

As for bad mojo, bleh. Nothing a good airing out can't fix. ;)

2005-01-15 19:27:33 ET

too big for my feets. I wear kiddy sized shoes :D

I'd either craiglist it or sell it on ebay or something.

2005-01-15 19:31:26 ET

i can sometimes wear an 8.5, more usually an 8, but i'd love to see some pics!

but yeah, if she left her stuff with you and said she'd get in touch with you to get it back and its been two months--PLUS, she owes you money . . . go for it.

let's do an sk auction first!

2005-01-15 19:32:56 ET

I wear size 10 shoes.

2005-01-15 19:33:13 ET


2005-01-15 19:41:39 ET

That was our thoughts.Either Ebay or goth auctions. Cause I know she shops on both.That would be some funny shit, for her to come across her stuff:P

2005-01-15 19:42:00 ET

Oh.. that would be just too funny.

2005-01-15 19:45:16 ET

There's a moral to all this...Don't shit, Where your belongings are left..*gets tea

2005-01-15 19:48:50 ET

One would think you're having fun with this. ;)

mm. tea.

2005-01-15 19:49:04 ET


2005-01-15 20:02:15 ET

Not really fun. I just want to move on. And get on with my life.Plus I really need the room.

2005-01-15 20:03:13 ET

and you can always use the extra bling! :P

2005-01-15 20:05:39 ET

I hear you. Cleaning out all that shit should be incredibly cathartic.

2005-01-16 04:23:50 ET


i'm all with an SK auction first and then Ebay.

2005-01-16 06:03:38 ET

what's in the cd collection. mine needs to be HUGE...i mean HugeR.

2005-01-16 11:05:21 ET

On my part..Mostly old school Industrial(Wax Trax type stuff, and earlier)The ex's stuff consists of lots of etherial and experimental stuff, that I wouldn't listen to cat's in heat mating too. Something about sampling and heavy guitar riffs, that make my day!

2005-01-16 11:34:49 ET

::drools uncontrollably:: like Psychic Tv and such?

2005-01-16 13:32:14 ET

Yes sir......Like those and Vampire rodents, etc etc....

2005-01-16 13:40:56 ET

but u say the ex had experimental...could be fascinating...

2005-01-16 13:40:57 ET

but u say the ex had experimental...could be fascinating...

2005-01-16 13:46:36 ET

I'd have to check the wall out!(*I custom built a media rack, for speakers and components) She alphabetizied every fucking cd.

2005-01-16 13:52:44 ET

almost sounds like my bank account will be empty cuz of u two ;)

2005-01-16 14:00:59 ET

Ha ha ha ha....Thats what she did...Literally!

2005-01-16 14:03:48 ET

She actually alphabetised them all?

2005-01-16 14:04:27 ET

she tried...We ended up doing alot of the work...as usual

2005-01-16 14:06:21 ET

Anal retentiveness at it's finest! Yup!We kept messing them up...*Whistles to self!

2005-01-16 14:06:34 ET

i alphabetise all my cds. and books (except that within an author they're in chronological order). and videos.

2005-01-16 14:07:20 ET

Az + Skav - you two are eeeevil. I love it.

Angel- you never misplace anything, do you.

2005-01-16 14:09:46 ET

Skav has 2 piles of clothing! Clean. Grabs a shirt from the other pile,smells it....Not sure if it clean! Looks wearable though!

2005-01-16 14:11:56 ET


that's gross.

2005-01-16 14:12:37 ET

dude i do that too if i dont remember if i wore something.

2005-01-16 14:13:22 ET

haha, i'm a girl and i do that. :P

2005-01-16 14:13:53 ET

Gross, but funny.

My basket of might-be-clean laundry was puked on by one of the cats this morning, so it's definitely a pile of very-not-clean now.

2005-01-16 14:15:00 ET

that's still disgusting.

2005-01-16 14:16:51 ET

well if u're out of "clean" clothes, u gotta go for the next best thing, Kinda clean.

2005-01-16 14:17:25 ET

Props to you Jolie and Klemmy! I thought it was just me! *Wipes brow! Anyone have clothing, that just doesn't fit. But you keep it anyways, cause it's just to cool to throw away? I have band shirts like that!

2005-01-16 14:18:40 ET

oh yeah, i end up giving it to my bro cuz i get frustrated with it lay around.

2005-01-16 14:20:08 ET

i have a hard time getting rid of any of my clothing. i lvoe it all. i don't want to get rid of it.

2005-01-16 15:06:50 ET

i mispace stuff everywhere, b/c i also have a temporary filing system involving piles of crap on my desk, floor, bookshelves, dresser, etc.

but i do organise my clothes by type as well.

2005-01-16 15:49:43 ET

My clothes are thrown into their respective drawers (underwear, shirts, shawls/scarves, etc.) but my closet is organised into black, and colour. That's it.

2005-01-16 17:14:55 ET

I organize my clothing by piles, and the closetis organized by colour.

2005-01-16 18:39:35 ET

75% of my wardrobe is either blue or green.. the remaining 25% consists of 10% black, 10% silver, and the remaining 5% is varied colours like red, orange, purple, grey, and the like.

2005-01-16 18:41:19 ET

I go more for earth tones.I purposely like wearing polo shirts with pockets for my smokes:POne day at the mall someone thought my polo shirtwas longsleeve , until they noticed i had sleeves!

2005-01-16 18:42:43 ET

very nice. :)
Earth tones are great, but I like to wear obnoxious combinations.. like, pairing a dark brown suede skirt with a turquoise tank top, etc. COLOUR!!!
*dance dance*

2005-01-16 18:47:02 ET

I like wearing the gaudiest plaid pants, black steel toed docs,and my shirt that says,"I'll destoy you with my huge cock." to the grocery store..Sometimes people won't even look at you, like you are invisable, other times, you are more than visable.

2005-01-16 19:16:11 ET

*dies laughing*
That's old school punk RIGHT THERE.

I wore a floor-length crimson taffeta ballgown skirt with a black cotton hoodie the other day when I went to the library- all the little old ladies had their jaws through the floor, it was really quite amusing.

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